POPPA, the Philosophy of Personal Progress & Acquisition (of Wealth), was created as an answer to the question of how a person should live their life. It is a reasoned and practical philosophy which prizes ambition, and recognises the many essential benefits of material wealth to a happy and secure human life. It’s purpose is to equip people with the knowledge, confidence, skills, and network required to thrive.

A Poppaist is a person who lives their life according to the truth, nothing more or less. Stress is placed on evidence and an extreme observance to the truth in ones own thinking, and to this aim the theory of knowledge and method of thought is of paramount importance. A Poppaist is a scientist and a philosopher in his every day life, but the primary aim of these things is the furtherance of his own life. No knowledge is sought for knowledge’s sake.

Poppaism’s aim is to be the condensation and refinement of all the virtues that have characterised the best of the Western Man of European origin. From the Greeks, to the Romans, from the great British scientists, to the Protestant Ethic which built America.

In a time when the Western world’s future seems to be uncertain, The POPPA school is an attempt to bring together a group of English speaking peoples residing worldwide, but particularly in the United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. Although we have been manifestly let down by our countries and our leaders, and even by our parents, we still have inspiring past examples to look to. The POPPA School’s aim is to place us in a position to attain this greatness once again, and to ensure that our legacy doesn’t die through weakening and soft minds, or cultural purposelessness.

Wealth and independence are the preconditions of man’s freedom, and only such a man can change the world in his own image – this is Poppaisms goal.

Here at the ‘POPPA School’ our aim is to build a dedicated community of like-minded people, who have an interest in furthering their own lives through knowledge and interaction, with myself (Lawrence), and with the other community members.

To learn more about the philosophy, community aims, and private forum, please see the videos available on the videos page. I encourage anyone who sees the value of our material to join the forum and become part of the community. It is something that is very special to me, as I hope it will be for you.


Lawrence, The POPPA School